Tuesday, October 7, 2014

TCA Chemical Peel Experience October 2014

I have had tried both at home and professional TCA peels for very fine lines and freckles. Not much difference using either and was peeling for a week. Freckles faded a bit and that's it. not impressed also you gotta question what damage these chemicals are doing. The damage is what stimulates collagen production but surely that collagen is only trying to repair the damage caused by the acid and once that has been acheived the levels will drop. Also healing becomes slower as you age so you might be left with redness and look even worse than before.

Mary Shater

Chemical peels are nothing to laugh at. In the wrong hands, they can cause permanent scarring and pigment irregularities of the skin. In qualified hands, they can create excellent results which smooth pigment irregularities, decrease previous scarring, decrease wrinkles, and produce a natural youthful skin. Great caution should be used in chemical peels in dark skinned individuals as the risk for pigment irregularities after the peel are greater than light skinned individuals. In general there are three types of peels - light, medium, and deep. Light peels include glycolic acid and AHA peels which are often available over the counter. These tend to produce superficial results and are generally safe. Medium depth peels such as TCA peels are good for pigment irregularities of the skin. These should definitely be applied by qualified physicians with experience in chemical peels. There are risks associated with any type of peel and there are some associated with TCA peels. TCA peels can be found on Ebay but BE CAREFUL. Use them only under the guide of a physician. Deep chemical peels include phenol peels. These are good for wrinkles and pigment and produce wonderful results. Unfortunately there are risks involved and prolonged redness is not uncommon. The results though are marvelous. Just be careful and consult with a qualified physician - preferably a dermatologist, facial plastic surgeon, or plastic surgeon who has experience with chemical peels.