Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Beautiful Tan And Some Gold I'm Fabulous Inspired Jewelry Tempoarary Tattoos

A beautiful tan and some gold inspired jewelry temporary I'm Fabulous tattoos.
Be sexy!

Inspired by jewelry and made for the fashion forward chameleon, I'm Fabulous Tattoos produces temporary tattoos that change up your look without the permanence or pain of the real thing. A go-to for the beach, pool, parties, festivals and concerts, they are easy to apply, last for up to six days and are 100-percent non-toxic.

I'm Fabulous Tattoos are the original metallic jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos worn by Beyonce, Vanessa Hudgens, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Coming next January 5th, 2015 along with a new I'm Fabulous organic self tanning body lotion and sexy resort wear clothing. im-fabulous.com and Imfabuloustattoos.com

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Breaking News On Anti-Aging PolyPeptides

Breaking News On Anti-Aging PolyPeptides 

The research that started more than a decade ago finally turned to what is called a cosmetic breakthrough in the science of skin medicine, and in the history of cosmetic plastic surgery.
These amazing peptides has been walking their ways to the cosmetic world for some years , but now has been backed up by many clinical trials, as the active agent in promoting and speeding the healing of wounds, disappearance of deep wrinkles, and existing stretch marks, crows feet and UV damage. 

Many studies have been conducted on wrinkles, stretch marks and anti-aging products, but successfully find few of these products to actually consist of the active ingredients that works to restore the skin youthfulness. 

These peptides synagistically work by by limiting the overproduction and release of neurochemicals or neurotransmitters that activates the over contraction of the facial muscles and renergizing fibroblast cells. 

Reducing this over contraction prevents wrinkling of the skin, and preserves the natural elasticity, and restoring the functionality of the fibroblast and GAGs helps in the healing process of damaged skin. 
These miracle peptides have no toxic effects because it is naturally derived. These powerful amino acid act by hooking the peptide chain to the fatty acid thereby making the skin very receptive to amino peptide absorbtion.

I'm Fabulous® Cosmetics bonded these peptided together and encapsulated the ends of these amino side chains with Lecithin lipid using hyalcross technology to further reduce to size to nano absorbable units to enhance cellular delivery of the peptides. 

I'm Fabulous® Cosmetics brought these active polypeptides together as BOTOX ALTERNATIVE used today in wrinkle treatment. 

The good news is that few labs are up to date with this current breakthrough and people  obtain them at a very affordable cost. The purpose of this study is to reduce the healthcare cost by creating this awareness that saves money for women all over the world.
Study References: 1. PO438 “Relevance of anti-wrinkle treatment of a peptide” 2.PO179 “ Penta-peptide offers improvement in human photoaged facial Skin. 3. International Journal of cosmetic science vol.24,no.5, p.303 yr 2002.

New Biological Agents That Speed Up Skin Cells Recovery On A Molecular Level

I'm Fabulous Cosmetics botanical ingredients with active biological agents that speed up skin cells recovery on a molecular level. 

Diminishes skin`s redness, Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots, Improves firmness, tone and elasticity, within a shortest time interval as compared to traditional anti wrinkle anti aging treatments that takes several weeks and months before the benefits could be appreciated. Our formulas increase the skin`s natural moisture content and barrier function, Provides an anti-wrinkle effect on Crows Feet

Preserves the youthful look and the vitality of the skin. All natural whitening products provide permanent skin whitening result without rebound hyper pigmentation, free of hydroquinone and toxic carcinogens.

I'm Fabulous Cosmetics products accelerate skin`s natural activity allowing continual renewal as dead skin cells are replaced by young cells pushed to the skin's surface, making the surface (stratum corneum) smoother and naturally hydrated. 

Freckles and age spots disappear. Pigment cells (melanin) are more evenly distributed, helping prevent the appearance of new freckles and age spots. 

The skin is enriched with collagen and elastin that promote resilience and firmness. All these functions work together to keep skin looking and acting younger and healthier. We believe in the Science of Nature.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Best Organic Skin Care Regimen For Cold Weather.

You live in New York City or in a cold City. Your skin feel dry and makes your wrinkles appear more visible. 

Anis Lacerte, Licensed esthetican with 20 years of experience in skin care, skin correction specialist and I'm Fabulous® founder; highly recommend the following products:

1- I'm Fabulous® Cleansing Oil morning and night to skin your skin and replenish the lipids
2- I'm Fabulous® Anti-aging Hydrating Tonic Morning and Night after Cleansing your skin, super hydrating tonic
3- Follow with any of I'm Fabulous® Serum
4- I'm Fabulous® Anti-aging Ultra Lift cream Or Peptide Collagen Repair Cream.

5- Eye Cream: I'm Fabulous® Eye Repair Cream
6- Night Cream: I'm Fabulous® Deluxe Bio Complex Moisturizer