Wednesday, September 18, 2013

At home hot oil hair treatment for damaged hair

To reverse the damaged, dull hair and treat split ends, all your hair needs is a hot oil treatment and it can be done at home without paying a visit to the spa. Follow the below tips to treat your hair with hot oil treatment at home:

*Warm the oil ( olive oil or coconut oil ) by placing a bowl of oil in some hot water or just microwave it for 30 seconds.

* Part your hair into section and then with a cotton ball apply the oil to the scalp so that the roots of the hair are coated with oil.

* With your finger tips gentle massage your scalp in circular motion to improve blood circulation.

* Take a wide toothed brush and comb through to distribute the remaining oil to the entire hair.

* cover your hair with a shower cap to seal in the moisture for about 30 mins and then wash.
Hot oil massage stimulates faster hair growth and restores the shine and bounce to your hair while repairing the damage