Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My favorite recipe for the gorgeous TCA peel

Yes I am in my 40's:)

I clean my face twice with the Luxe Cleanser, pat dry it and apply the Bio Gorgeous peel for 5 minutes. I do not rinse it. I immediately follow by a treatment of the Gorgeous TCA peel that I leave 4 minutes on the skin. 

I rinse well with soap and water and spray on my skin the Anti-aging tonic. For the next 2 days I do not apply anything to my skin and stay out of the sun! 

On day #2, your skin will feel really tight and dry. That day, I apply the Retinol 2.5 cream all over my face 3 times a days for the next for day. 

Each day you will see some peeling or skin flacking in different areas of your face. I recommend to use the Magic Exfoliating mask to remove the skin that is peeling off.

On day # 1 your skin will feel super smooth, on day # 2 and 3, your skin will feel tight, On day # 4 your skin will look new! 

Anis Lacerte