Saturday, June 21, 2014


we recommend using sugar instead of salt or pits because sugar provides a very effective & customizable exfoliation process with a reduced risk of tearing into the upper derma & causing irritation. 

Pure sugar crystals are hexagonal shaped with less extreme angles versus the square, sharp edges of salt that cut into the skin. sugar’s lower molecular bonds allow granules to slowly dissolve, becoming smaller & smoother while using, & becoming gentler as well! the healthy layers of skin become exposed, but not in an unhealthy, too exposed way. 
In contrast, salt converts directly from hard sharp crystals to saline with no transition stage to reduce the harsh action. 
Melted sugar changes to AHA, further loosening the bonds of toxins & dead skin cells for safe & effective deep cleansing. suki rounding sugar: at suki we have a very specific standards to ensure consistent & effective exfoliation every time. crystal size (surface area) & mineral impurities found in many sugars, brown & unrefined, alter the melting temperature, creating inconsistent results – we use only fine sugar crystals for the face & larger crystals for the body, to assure consistent application & result every time & because of the consistent crystalline change to smooth, we refer to our sugar as rounded.