Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why is Natural Sunscreen Better?

We first recommend using uv protective clothing to shield yourself from the sun – a great brand is solumbra. Use caution when using sunscreens.

The issue is far more complex than the simple directive of “always slather on the sunscreen.” All sunscreen ingredients besides the oxides (zinc & titanium) are chemical screens. 

Sunscreens change the way your skin produces melanin, cause long term cancers other than those of the skin & also cause skin cancer cells to more easily develop. We recommend getting at least ten minutes of screen-free sun per day except for between 11am to 2pm. 

Vitamin D deficiency diseases are running rampant in our culture so we truly need the sun’s rays for our good health. we also recommend taking whole food multivitamins with vitamin d3 (the natural form) & eating foods high in this vitamin (not dairy, but things like mushrooms, wild salmon, tuna, sardines & eggs). keep in mind that these foods can never replace the vitamin d that the sun provides. We also highly suggest screening for this vitamin on your next checkup. 

Deficient in vitamin D is no day at the beach. If you must wear a sunscreen, as is the case when at the beach for extended periods of time, use 100% natural bases with only the oxides used as sunscreen agents.