Tuesday, February 4, 2014



Yes it is very important to remove your makeup every night before bedtime.
While your sleep you should also nourish your skin with a good serum and cream. 

During the day the skin is in contact with pollution, toxins and stress.

The best way to handle it is to clean your skin very well. 

Do a light gentle skin peel that will remove impurities, dust, and oil residue. Then apply your favorite organic serum, and follow with a organic anti-aging cream.

Anis Lacerte recommend Retinol cream in the evening and Vitamin C right after. The Retin A acts as a vehicle and helps the Vitamin C penetrate deeper. Plus our skin goes into repair mode when rest and protective mode during the day.

It is perfectly safe to use both Retinol or any other vitamin A acid formulation in conjuction with vitamin C. 

The trick is in the timing of the applications, and most of us agree that vitamin C, an effective antioxidant, is best when applied in the morning, Antioxidants quench or neutralize free radicals- those pesky unstable molecules that trigger the breakdown of collagen and elastin, reuskting in aging of the skin, Because ultraviolet radiation - UVA and UVB rays- are responsible for about 90% of the free radicals produced in our body, it makes sense to use vitamin C and other antioxidants during the day, when we are exposed to UVA and UVB rays. Applying vitamin C and Retinol/vitamin A acid creams together can irritate the skin, so these are best applied at separate times to minimize the potential for skin irritation. 

In summary, using vitamin C during the day will protect the skin from free radicals and Retinol applied at night will encourage skin renewal and repair. As a rule, vitamin A derived products are unstable when exposed to UV rays (although adequate sunscreen use should help reduce this). 

As general guideline to skin care, think prevent and protect for day products and repair and renew for night products.