Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Enzyme Peel For Sensitive Skin

This sensational anti-aging peel is designed to reduce thinning skin, crepe-like textures and other visible signs of aging caused by intrinsic or internal aging processes, including glycation. Correct severe signs of aging, resulting in a more youthful complexion.

This fabulous Enzyme peel is like a very thick silky white cream. 

Active organic enzymes make this botanical peel a powerful tool for tuning back the clock. 
Fabulous enzymes scavenge damaged, diseased, and dead skin cells in order to make room for new skin tissue and collagen to fill in the skins upper dermal layer for optimal radiance. 
Gotu Kola is a proven collagen stimulant proven to work 120 times more effectively than synthetic collagen replacement therapies. 

Reishi mushroom carries Asiatic Acid to the cells for damage restoration, fading of sun spots and damage, wrinkle reduction, and boosting of cellular hydration. 

Effectively used twice a week to daily use depending on skin types. Helps to clear clogged pores, minimizes skin eruptions, and fights the march of time across your face with gentle and effective clinically proven skin rejuvenating factors. 

It moisturize your skin while removing dead skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Immediately after one treatment you will feel your skin ultra soft, glowing, pinky and ultra soft. Great to use just before going out to get a face glow!
You will get totally addicted and because your skin will never feel so smooth!

Directions for Use: Apply, leave on for 10 minutes, moisten, and gently scrub to remove. Safe and gentle enough for daily use. Dryer skin types will want to use once or twice a week and oilier skin types can use daily.