Friday, November 15, 2013

The most expensive anti aging organic serum!

The most expensive anti aging organic serum!

Every woman wants to stop the ‘age clock’ as aging gives ugly fine lines, under eye puffiness and dark circles. Unfortunately, it can only be delayed but not stopped completely. 

We can’t really spin back the time, but many of the best anti wrinkle creams can reduce the facade of wrinkles, lines and dark circles in just a few weeks and they are ‘clinically proven. 

Some skin cosmetics are costly enough to be locked in a safe as very often we come across many anti-aging creams that cost a fortune.

Well, there are alternate treatments for skin like Botox and other surgeries but it is any day better to utilize your money on something that is less risky!

From $10,000 skin cream to a volumizing serum that costs $600 per ounce, the beauty creams are not cheaper than Botox but are less risky. The question is what makes this product so astronomically pricey? Well, time-intensive study, and striking wrapping, the expensive and rare ingredients such as exotic antioxidants extracted from rare plants, crushed pearls, gold, caviar and other things are some of the main contributors to the whopping prices of face cream.

Price: $2,000
Key ingredient: Peptides, snake peptides, skinfirm, skinlift and sea kelp.
Controlling the age comes with a heavy cost and this is well proved by I'm Fabulous ® Biophotonic Skin Care who have introduced a face cream worth $11,000. 
Yes, this cream costs much more than any Botox or face up-liftment therapy that normally costs $4000-$6000 maximum. 
The company claims that the cream has stem cell extracts that refinishes and re-hydrates your skin like no other beauty cream or beauty treatments. Anis Lacerte the founder of I'm Fabulous ® Biophotonic Skin Care also say that the use of just one month will show a vast difference on your skin. Anis Lacerte believe in treating the skin instead of covering it with chemical ingredients like silicone and silica. 
She said those ingredients are bad for your skin and just fill in your wrinkles until you wash your face. It irritate the skin, clog the pores and does not treat your skin for longer results. 
Stay tunes for this new fabulous expensive serum that will turn the clock on your face with natural ingredients.