Thursday, August 21, 2014

Anti Aging & Anti Aging Skin Treatments

Anti Aging & Anti Aging Skin Treatments

You are getting a little older in age and I have an age spot here and there, what are the best anti aging skin treatments to use? 

An age spot can take some time to get rid of. Daily use of a Fading Serum will inhibit the production of melanin. *This is highly recommended BEFORE you begin peeling to prepare the skin. You may also start to leave the peel on for a longer time frame, or reapply the acid to keep it active longer during your peel. Make sure to keep up with the peptide serum 2x daily.

I am noticing lines and wrinkles from over exposure to the sun and tanning beds and I am looking for a more firm look. What anti aging skin treatments should I try first? 

I'm Fabulous® Skin Care Rejuvenation products regimen contains a toner, cleanser and an anti-aging eye cream. The only thing that you may need in addition is a moisturizer.  Apply the anti-aging eye cream sparingly! The molecular retinol products and Vitamin C are also excellent for aging skin. These anti aging skin treatments will render quick results!

After beginning an anti aging skin treatment regimen, how long will it take before I start seeing a difference in the lines and wrinkles on my face?

We have received many comments from my clients stating they can already see a change happening within the first few weeks of starting 
I'm Fabulous® anti aging skin treatment kit. But remember, it took time for those lines and wrinkles to develop and they will take time to fade.

I just turned 50 and I seem to have a run down, tired look all the time. My eyes have wrinkles and bags underneath. Do you have cream that can help reduce eye wrinkle and bags under my eyes?

I'm Fabulous® eyes is a great eye treatment will really help your eye area tighten up and lessen any dark circles you may have. This kit will help bring life to your face as well!

I am a male with pretty good skin tone, texture and elasticity but I do have a number of lines and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. What is the best product you have to reduce or remove these wrinkles and fine lines? 

I'm Fabulous® Eyes is a great cream for treating wrinkles or lines around the eyes. It can be used every day to rejuvenate and instantly tighten your eye area. For the forehead, you will want to try the Retinol or Vialox daily for tightening. A TCA peel 1x every month should really aid in tightening up the forehead area as well. GABA or Derma Snap 8L can be used daily to target your problem areas for instant tightening.

After I start Using your Anti-aging Eye treatment cream, how long before I start noticing a difference? 

Most of the customers at 
I'm Fabulous® report seeing a difference in the wrinkles and lines in their eye area within 1-2 weeks. 

I have some age spots on my face from the sun and pronounced furrows between my brows and over my eyebrows along with small wrinkles around the mouth area. What is the best anti aging treatments for these problems?

The Gorgeous Peel will really help treat an age spot and lines. This is a peel you will do on a monthly basis and it will give excellent results. A Fading Serum to prepare your skin prior to the peel is highly recommended.

I have loose skin on my neck. What type of anti aging products do you recommend? 

Peptide serum is extremely beneficial for tighten things up. Another anti aging product suggestion would be the Vitamin C Serum and the Retinol Cream. These anti aging products will help tighten and protect from radicals!

What should I do if I experience swelling around my eyes after using the anti aging eye cream I bought for wrinkles and lines?

If you see swelling, you’re using too much peptides. I'm Fabulous® peptide serums are very strong products and you need the tiniest amount you can apply. Think like the amount of lead that’s sticking out of a dulling pencil tip.  Make sure you are only using the Peptide serum 1x per day to begin with... you will have no problem using more cream when your skin becomes adjusted to its strength. 

This is a difficult area to rebuild and must be done gradually. Try some of the suggestions below:

  • Because this skin may be already badly damaged, start with a very light coating of the Eye Repair For Crow's Feet Cream then gradually increase the amount applied with time. If you experience irritation, this means that too much peptide is passing through a very damaged skin barrier.
  • Another approach is to Fabulous Repair Serum one night to replenish skin lipids, then the Eye Repair For Crow's Feet Cream.
  • You can also try applying the eye cream while the skin is still wet from cleansing.
  • As your skin barrier is repaired, you will become less sensitive to any applied material. With time, the skin around your eyes should tighten and firm.
  • If you experience excessive dryness, use a little less of the peptide products and cover them with a light amount of the Fabulous Repair Serum.