Sunday, July 27, 2014

Resistem New Anti-Aging Ingredient from France in I'm Fabulous Cosmetics Products


Beautifully immunized against time!


  • Helps reduce the level of pro-aging 
    agents and local micro-
  • Decreases skin redness and
  • Enhances natural skin glow.
  • The skin feels appeased 
    and irradiates its beauty.

How to combine two of hottest cosmetic trends in just one ingredient?...Sederma did it!
Sederma has chosen to produce its new product Resistem™ by plant cell culture as this technology is an inexhaustible source of metabolites of interest that provides numerous benefits pertaining to sustainability, safety, quality and sourcing. 
Positioned as a high tech anti-aging ingredient, it mimics the natural hormetic phenomenon of defense
Provides the skin with the power of protecting and regenerating itself.
Promotes detoxification (maintains proteasome activity), cell lifespan extension (stimulates 
sirtuin-1) and tissue regeneration (preserves skin stem cells).

Anti-aging bodyguard

With skin being exposed daily to various stresses such as UVAB, stress, pollution, smoke, junk food, noxious agents are generated; these noxious agents lead to an accumulation of toxins in the keratinocytes which not only contributes to premature skin ageing and skin sensitivity, but which also increases redness and reduces the skin’s natural glow.

Resistem™ is able to reproduce a hormetic response in the skin cells that develops a genuine defense system in the heart of the skin. A complex and diverse in vitro evaluation has proven Resistem™’s positive effect on:

  • tissue regeneration by preservation of skin stem cells character and niche,
  • cell detoxification by maintenance of proteasome activity,
  • cell longevity by stimulation of the sirtuin-1 synthesis.

Resistem™ is an anti-aging “bodyguard” of the skin. It helps skin to naturally decrease the level of pro-aging agents while reducing the toxin-induced micro inflammations. In vivo studies demonstrated its ability to soothe the skin, reduce redness, improve the evenness of the complexion and restore its natural glow. The skin feels appeased and reveals a much fresher look. Through a virtuous circle, Resistem™ recreates its own beauty!


The insertion of RESISTEM™ in face creams has been proven, with in vitro and in vivo tests, to have anti-aging action.


While integrated into cosmetic formulas it is proven that they transfer this action to human cells as well, activating their defensive & protective mechanisms against aging.