Friday, June 6, 2014

New I'M FABULOUS Organic Creamy Makeup


Magic Luminizer

Magically highlighting the skin. This fabulous formula is the ultimate illuminator for creating a sensuous, sheer, luminous glow.

Enhances the skin's natural youthfulness without being sticky, greasy or glittery.

An ultra sheer, glowing, luminizer with a translucent, satin-pearl finish. This highlighter works great on all skin tones, making this a must have beauty product. Order here

How to use: 
Apply sparingly with fingers over the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, along the inner corners of eyes, and on the cupid's bow above lips for a natural glow. Add life to eyes by subtly applying onto the center of eyelids, just above the lashes. 

For a more precise application to those sensual places on the face, apply the living luminizer with the beauty brightening brush. The small tapered brush is perfect for highlighting the inner eye corners (near the tear duct), down the bridge of the nose and bow of the lips. A hint of the luminizer can be added along shoulders, shoulder blades and collar bones for a sexy evening look

Ingredients: Organic  coconut oil, Organic Beewax, Shea Butter, Organic Rosehip seed oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Avocado oil, Organic Castor Oil and may contain [+/- Titanium Dioxide CI77891, Mica CI 77019] 

Fabulous Organic and cream eye shadow!

These fabulous cream eye shadows need to be applied very sparingly and worked into the skin like you would a moisturizer. I'M FABULOUS ® eye shadows have all the benefits of raw mineral pigments without the dryness that occurs with minerals alone. I'M FABULOUS ® cream eye shadows double as an eye cream to nourish and moisturize the eye area, separating them from commercial eye shadows that can accelerate aging and emphasize lines. These shadows work amazing on dry or aging eyes. 
How to use: 
For best results, do not apply moisturizer or oil before using I'M FABULOUS® cream eye shadows. The pure mineral cream shadow will moisturize the eye area more efficiently alone versus coming in contact with another product that could affect its relationship with the skin. 

Apply sparingly with fingers and blend in firmly for a better adherence. Repeat application for more color if desired. Please remember these are very sheer and results will be superior if applied with minimal product. If minimal creasing occurs, simply use finger to blend and smooth. Please note: These shadows are not guaranteed crease-proof in order to avoid usage of synthetic chemicals that age the delicate skin around the eye area.