Friday, May 16, 2014

Your skin is alive!

Sacrificing Commercialism for Efficacy
  •    Alcohol, water, foaming agents (natural or not) emulsifiers, thickeners, and standard preservatives are not invited into our formulas.  All ingredients should be doing something good for the skin.  Ingredients found in foaming cleansers and standard ‘lotions’ contain ingredients that are harmful to our protective lipid layer, our outer most living cells, and our healthy skin flora.  And our #1 goal is to slow down the aging process not accelerate it.  By eliminating standard commercial ingredients and using whole plant ingredients, our products achieve this.

  • Address Inflammation to begin to heal, first and foremost.  Everyone, absolutely everyone, suffers from different symptoms of inflammation.  When the skin is inflamed it is impossible for it produce collagen, turnover, or to be healthy in general and function normally.  This must be addressed BEFORE anything else for the skin to truly heal.  Inflammation is addressed in all of our formulas, and the specifically the Anti-Inflammatory Serum, which is recommended for all skin types.

  • The skin takes what it needs.  Most synthetics are made to mimic what is actually found in plants.  For example, Rosehip Seed Oil contains forms of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A – all easily recognized and utilized by the skin.  By applying a supportive ingredient like ‘whole plant’ Rosehip Seed Oil, our skin has the option of taking what it needs and treating the rest as waste.  

  • Touch your face.  We have seen the most positive results from our products when a routine includes massage, and lymphatic movement.  Again, we want to point out the importance of our lymphatic system, and the role it plays in the health of our skin.  Anything we can do to support it will create positive change.  Make self care a priority, and make it enjoyable.  It is our goal to make simply washing your face a luxurious and pleasant experience for you.  Treating your body and skin with love is a key element to a successful anti-age regime.