Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why you should use Anti-oxidants skin care every day!

Oxidation occurs every single day as part of our metabolic functioning and plays an important role in overall health. However, the process of oxidation also unleashes free radicals, which can damage healthy cells.

Anti-oxidants are found in a variety of foods, and bring health benefits by neutralizing free radicals. Polyphenolic anti-oxidants are found in coffee, chocolate, red wine, soy, oregano and olive oil; flavonoids in tea, citrus fruit, onion and apple; and lycopene in tomato and grapefruit.

Anti-oxidants in tablet form have been shown to be less effective than those consumed as part of a balanced diet. Accordingly, we recommend a hearty intake of fruits and vegetables, washed down with a small amount of red wine.

Free radicals occur in greater numbers after the skin is exposed to UVA and UVB rays, pollution or when the skin experiences minor trauma. Our susceptibility to them is heightened if we are stressed, smoke, eat poorly or don't allow ourselves sufficient rest.

Anti-oxidants may also provide protection 

when applied topically 

A common analogy is that of a slice of apple rubbed with lemon juice. Left unprotected, the apple will quickly turn brown as it oxidizes; however, the lemon juice (rich in Vitamin C) slows this process noticeably. Applying anti-oxidants to the skin has a similar effect.

Anti-oxidant ingredients are present in the majority of I'M FABULOUS®'s skin care products. I'M FABULOUS® celebrated Vitamin C Ultra Hydratation SerumRepair Serum and our Power Anti-Aging Eye Cream contain potent doses of anti-oxidant rich elements.

Anti-oxidant Vitamins A, C and E (Tocopherol) are easily absorbed by the skin and assist in repairing and protecting surface cells. The water-soluble topical Vitamin C derivative, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate,  has the ability to protect skin from UV ray damage by reducing the amount of free radical formation. 

Used long term, application of anti-oxidants has also been shown to reduce spots and pigmentation of the skin.