Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tips on How to Nurture and Build a Strong Foundation for Your Skin

What you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body.

Many of today's skin products and cosmetics are nothing more than a concoction of harsh chemicals… which can irritate your skin and cause more problems than they attempt to solve. Some of these chemicals can cause serious irritation and redness, and may even prevent your skin from improving.
Skin damage from these harsh chemicals doesn't always involve pain or immediate visible change. It can often go unnoticed for quite a while. But cumulative actions you can begin taking as soon as possible, can help over time.
Here are some tips and simple things Anis Lacerte, esthetician and creator or I'm Fabulous Organic Skin Care products  recommend you do to take a proactive approach in nurturing your skin and building a solid foundation for natural skin care…

  • Avoid or minimize damage from hot water and chlorine – Although taking hot baths and showers may seem like they're health-promoting and relaxing, your skin may disagree – especially if you have chlorinated water. Adjust your water temperature to be a bit cooler, limit your showers to once a day, and decrease your soak time in the tub.
  • Be sure to remove your makeup before retiring for the evening – It's a really bad idea to flop into bed, leaving makeup – not to mention environmental grime – on your face while you sleep. Take a couple minutes to remove it, and you'll find your face looking and feeling fresher.
  • Use sunscreen – When in the sun for extended periods of time, use a high-quality sunscreen with safe and effective ingredients like my Natural Sunscreen.
  • Limit exfoliation to twice per week – Exfoliation refreshes your skin's surfaces and brightens your appearance as it removes dead cells from the surface of your skin. But if you exfoliate too often or too aggressively, you risk damaging living cells.
  • Apply skin care products to warm skin – This helps your skin appear healthier and maximizes absorption. If your skin is cold, use a warm towel to warm your skin.
  • Never pull or rub your skin – Apply skin care products gently, and lightly tap for a few moments to help your skin absorb them. Rubbing stretches your skin and can promote sagging and wrinkles.
  • Use gentle and safe skin care products (organic strongly preferred) – Your skin absorbs much of what you put on it. Don't risk compromising your health by using potential poisons.
One thing to remember with all of this is don't expect changes overnight. Even if you start today putting into practice all my recommendations above, you need to be patient and not feel discouraged if there's a lack of progress tomorrow.
It may take months to really notice any changes. Keep in mind, it took years to get where you are today… so, show patience when expecting changes and improvements.
And I think one of the most important practices you should follow if you use any skin care products, is to make sure they are organic…