Tuesday, January 7, 2014

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Dramatic and Defined Full Lashes JAPONESQUE® Slant Volume lashes are designed to match your mood or occasion, so you can have the lashes you ve always wanted any time. JAPONESQUE® eyelashes come in a variety of styles and colors, for a final result that is dramatic and defined with full, lush eyelashes. Eyelashes, Slant Volume, Black.


Part of the Topkapi Collection, this beautiful crescent ring epitomizes the essence of grace and sheer elegance. Ninety dazzling swarovski crystals surround a stunning centerpiece of metalwork. Sofia - Crescent Ring 


Vanessa Mooney Laci Gold Hoop Earrings, Gold

Tiny Gold Nugget and Ball Hoop Earrings. Handmade in Downtown Los Angeles Laci Gold Hoop Earrings, Gold 


30 Day Straight-Smooth-Strong & Long Treatment 

Starter Kit 1 kit

Smooth, strengthen and soften hair at home with this DIY keratin treatment. Get frizz-free, manageable hair that lasts up to 6 weeks - in just 30 minutes!

Liquid Keratin Treatment is a revolutionary patented at home treatment that smoothes, strengthens, softens and most importantly gives you frizz free manageable hair that lasts up to 6 weeks.  This progressive treatment provides instant results as well as long-term benefits.  The more often you use it, the more beautiful your hair.
Developed for all hair types and suitable for chemically treated hair.

  • Liquid Keratin 30 day straight smooth strong & long treatment (4.0 oz / 118 ml) - Patent pending.
  • Liquid Keratin Infusing Healthy Hair De-Frizz Shampoo (1.7 oz / 50 ml)
  • Liquid Keratin Infusing Deep De-Frizz Conditioner (1.7 oz / 50 ml)
  • Liquid Keratin Filling Leave-In Conditioner (1.7 oz / 50 ml)

Liquid Keratin is a revolutionary patented hair treatment that, in just 30 minutes, infuses curly, frizzy, unmanageable hair with keratin protein that it is naturally missing. Liquid Keratin is the first safe at home alternative to expensive salon treatments providing amazing results of straighter, smoother, stronger and longer hair instantly without the use of Formaldehyde and other harmful chemical ingredients. Liquid Keratin treated hair is faster and easier to style.
In independent clinical lab studies of Liquid Keratin, treated hair had 100% less frizz, 70% less curl and was 25% longer with results lasting as long as 6 weeks.
Unlike salon treatments, Liquid Keratin offers choice! Wear your new sexy soft curls, waves or straight hair with ease and without frizz or expensive, lengthy salon visits.
Made in USA