Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Performing regular Detoxing Routines can help


Exposure to chemicals today is far greater in concentration than in previous generations. With the increase in chemical use over the last century it is no wonder there is an increase in degenerative diseases. Degenerative diseases that were once rare or nonexistent are now at epidemic levels. It is virtually impossible to avoid contact with all chemicals we encounter on a daily basis. When the body becomes overwhelmed with toxic debris, it has a hard time functioning properly, thus we start to show symptoms based on exposure leading to degenerative diseases.

Approximately 60,000 chemicals are in common use today many of which are highly toxic. These chemicals are being released into the ground world wide, getting into the soil where we grow our food and the water from which we drink. Chemical emissions are pumped into the air we breath everyday, increasing each year. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides and industrial waste collects in groundwater and reservoirs contaminating the water used to irrigate crops and feed our livestock. Our foods are packaged with preservatives, artificial colorings, sugars, and chemical additives. To top it off the skin care products we use are packed with potentially harmful chemicals.

Our bodies are designed to neutralize & eliminate toxins, it is normal for your body to contain a small amount of toxins. Our kidneys, liver and immune system work together to remove toxins. Detoxification by definition means to remove toxic substances or to transform them into something harmless. A detoxing routine requires you to eat fresh foods abundant in nutrients, take herbs to help in the process of pulling toxins from your system and a juice or water fast for several days. Performing a detox routine can help your body fight degenerative disease.

• Eat foods that are fresh, not packaged
• Avoid fast food & processed foods
• Increase your intake of organic fruits & veggies
• Drink plenty of filtered or spring water
• Take detoxifying herbs regularly
• Exercise regularly
• Use Natural Chemical Free Skin Care Products