Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Building blocks of beauty !

Collagen type 1
This wonderful substance, which makes up 90% of the skin’s structure, is unfortunately a fair-weather friend. As we age, collagen type 1 decreases its production by approximately 1% per year. So a 30 year old makes 30% less collagen. The evidence of this collagen reduction is plain to see. You know it as wrinkles, loss of firmness and thinning of the skin. But all is not lost. I'M FABULOUS® skincare formulations contain active ingredients that support the synthesis and production of collagen type 1.
Collagen type IV

The rather fabulously named extracellular matrix is the term given to the cell support system that gives skin structure, firmness, and tone. Without it, our skin would be less than ideal. Thankfully, I'M FABULOUS® skincare formulations contain active ingredients that support the synthesis and production of collagen type iv.
This precious protein is found in the skin’s tissue, and is responsible for our skin’s essential elasticity and tonicity. But here’s the rub; as we age, we produce less elastin. The skin starts sagging, allowing lines, folds and wrinkles to appear and spread. 
I'M FABULOUS® actives regenerate and replenish the appearance of elastin in our skin, making it appear much younger.

As with all living things, be it plant or animal (cacti and camels excepted), water is essential for good health. Skin is no different. Well-hydrated skin has an increased capacity to regenerate, and is far less susceptible to various forms of skin damage, such as sun exposure or other environmental or biological factors. I'M FABULOUS® moisturizers contain hydroscopic actives that topically support the skin’s ability to retain moisture.