Monday, November 4, 2013

Skin Expert Tips

Studies show that a diet rich in Vitamin C can help combat wrinkles down the road. Help protect your skin’s elasticity by including citrus fruits, broccoli and cauliflower into your daily diet.

November is just around the corner and it’s almost turkey time—but that doesn’t mean we want to pay tribute to the holiday season with a turkey neck. If the skin between your chin and neck is starting to sag, try a skin moisturizer with collagen as an active ingredient to help reduce the appearance of lines. 

If you struggle with finding skin products that won’t make your skin itchy or uncomfortable, try looking for products that are fragrance-free. Sometimes the chemicals used for scent irritate skin, so finding products without these additives may help keep your skin soft and smooth rather than irritated. When roaming for skin products, make sure to look for “fragrance-free,” not “unscented”.

Greek yogurt for great skin!

Greek yogurt is a great source of protein which helps support healthy, firm skin. Starting your day off with Greek yogurt or having it for a mid-day snack can boost your energy and help your skin stay soft and vibrant. Add some fresh berries for a boost of antioxidants.

Help prevent acne by refraining from touching your face. While we’re all tempted to wipe our eyes or rest our head in the palms of our hands at some point during the day, this is a recipe for acne flare-ups. Hands are constantly exposed to bacteria and are the perfect transmitter to your complexion. So next time you’re tempted to touch your face, halt!

In far Eastern medicine, mushrooms are considered the “medicine of kings.” Some mushrooms are used to provide relief for red, irritated skin among other purposes.

8 great reasons to drink water everyday!

1. Helps maintain a healthy body weight
2. Helps increase energy
3. Hydrates skin
4. Helps reduce joint pain
5. Can prevent and alleviate headaches
6. Aids in digestion
7. It is is essential for proper circulation
8. Keeps your body hydrated!