Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rough and Irritated Skin

Skin cells have a big job. They’re responsible for making the top layers of your skin look perky, pliable and plump. Unfortunately, as you age, your cell turnover rate slows down—from an average of 28 days to about 30 – 35 days. 

This means old cells on the surface of your skin are sticking around longer because they aren’t being replaced by new cells as quickly as before. This results in dead skin cell build-up, which leaves skin looking duller and rougher and more prone to irritation. And, if that’s not enough bad news for you, you may also see more hyper-pigmentation (or uneven darkening of the skin) and an increasing number of enlarged pores.

We highly recommend for you to use ever the Enzyme peel once or twice a week if you have a very sensitive skin. If your skin is not sensitive we highly recommend the Bio Gorgeous Peel or the Gorgeous peel for a stronger peel but without any downtime.