Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Morea tahitian pearls and leather necklace

33 Tahitian black pearls
Semi-baroque pearls, size: 8-10.5mm
19" long supple leather strands.

On the photograph with the model the pearls are baroque and semi baroque, the necklace will look like it with semi and baroque pearls.

All our pearls are authentic high quality Tahitian pearls from Tahiti

Tahitian Pearls come from the warm waters of French Polynesia and are grown in the Black-Lipped variety of the Pinctada Maxima oyster. The Black-Lipped oyster can reach a foot or more in diameter and typically produces very large pearls which are the only pearls to achieve a “black” body color naturally. Although traditionally dark in color, these prized treasures of Tahiti come in a wide range of hues including black, gray, silver, green, blue and purple.

We have many pearls in stock and can make any custom jewelry, or add pearls on a 1 to 2 days turn around. We accept all credit cards, Paypal (confirmed address only)and bank wire transfer. We ship worldwide.

Handmade with a passion for the ocean! 

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