Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rosacea tips and makeup

When dealing with rosacea, it is important to avoid the consumption of foods that trigger your rosacea and increase facial redness. Classic triggers include excess consumption of alcohol, red wine, hot beverages like tea, coffee, etc. These foods can increase your body temperature, which is a perfect irritant for a skin affected by rosacea thereby worsening the symptoms associated with rosacea by increasing the number of red bumps on your face.
Also, foods high in histamines like tofu, blue cheeses, canned fish, etc., and foods containing monosodium glutamate like Chinese foods, fast foods, chips and spicy foods can inflame your skin thus, promoting facial redness. Niacin, a B vitamin has been reported as a culprit for triggering flushing, a main concern for patients suffering from rosacea. It is therefore, important to check the composition of the multivitamins that you are taking.

For makeup try the Mint Corrector to hide the redness. First apply your daily cream to moisturize your skin then follow with Mint corrector using a makeup brush to apply, wait a few minutes and follow with your liquid foundation or mineral makeup.