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Fractional Resurfacing and I'm Fabulous Skin Care

Fractional Resurfacing

The Palomar 1540 laser treatment is an ideal procedure for individuals who are experiencing wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging or loose skin, as well as changes or unevenness in skin texture, and who are seeking a type of treatment that is quick and has little to no downtime.

The Palomar 1540 laser resurfacing procedure works by treating tiny columns of tissue within the larger treatment zone, leaving some areas untouched by the laser. By treating only a portion of the tissue, damage can be effectively reduced or eliminated while resulting in far less discomfort and downtime, and far quicker healing time, than other procedure.
The Palomar 1540 treatment does not require anesthesia, which means you’ll spend less time in the specialist’s office. Using a special hand piece, your specialist will be able to direct the laser energy deep within the skin tissue, during a procedure which usually takes no more than 30 minutes.

What does the Palomar 1540 fractional resurfacing procedure treat?

The Palomar 1540 laser system has been developed to treat a wide range of cosmetic conditions, including wrinkles, lines, sagging skin, and textural changes that can occur as a result of the natural aging process. Treatment can be performed on nearly any area of the body, and is most popularly used on the face, chest, arms, and hands. The Palomar 1540 is a fractional resurfacing treatment that is non-invasive.

What are the benefits of the Palomar 1540 treatment?

The Palomar 1540 offers several advantages over other laser resurfacing systems, including:
  • No downtime
  • High efficacy
  • High level of precision
  • Deeper penetration
  • No surface damage
  • Long term results
  • No need for topical anesthetic
  • Shorter treatment time
  • Less discomfort during and after treatment

How does the Palomar 1540 differ from other non-invasive fractional resurfacing techniques?

Unlike other systems on the market today, the Palomar 1540 laser energy penetrates more deeply into the skin’s tissues than any other competing system on today’s market. The system also includes a cooling device, which cools skin as it is treated, offering considerably less discomfort than other procedures. Because the energy is directed deep into the under layers of the skin, the upper layers of the skin are left undamaged.

What makes the Palomar 1540 a non-invasive laser resurfacing technique?

The Palomar 1540 laser system is able to achieve effective results without damaging the skin or utilizing incisions or other methods which damage the skin or cause surface wounds. Using its patented delivery system, the Palomar 1540 can achieve many of the same results as those seen with invasive procedures, without the recovery time and discomfort associated with those procedures.
The Palomar 1540 system delivers its laser beams in narrow columns of focused energy to create specific areas of heat and controlled damage within the tissues of the treatment area. This controlled damage actually encourages and stimulates the body’s own natural healing processes, instigating the development of new collagen. Collagen comprises about 80 percent of skin tissue, and is responsible for the firm, elastic nature of skin. The heated energy of the Palomar 1540 encourages the development of new collagen, in a process which continues for weeks after the procedure, resulting in a continued improvement in skin’s appearance and overall tone.

How is the Palomar 1540 laser resurfacing procedure performed?

The Palomar 1540 requires no topical anesthesia, reducing the amount of time you’ll need to be in the specialist’s office. The laser energy is delivered to the treatment area through a special hand piece, which is passed over the surface of the skin usually 2 to 3 times during your treatment session. Each procedure requires less than 30 minutes to perform, and most men and women will need 3 to 5 treatments given at 4 to 6 week intervals to achieve the results they’re looking for. Your specialist will design a treatment program that’s just right for the results you want to achieve.

What type of results can be expected?

You may experience lingering redness, warmth, swelling, or tightness in the treated area, which fades within a few hours of treatment. Generally, you Your initial results will be visible right after treatment with the Palomar 1540, as lines and wrinkles begin to appear softer, and eventually disappear altogether. You can expect results to continue to improve for several weeks after your procedure as new collagen is formed. Immediately after treatment, you may notice some redness and slight swelling which resolve within a few hours. You can return to your normal routines right after treatment.
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