Tuesday, December 11, 2012


When you enter a house, your first impression is of how clean the house is. When you look at a beautiful face, your first impression should be of the skin tone of the person, as to how clean the skin is, with little or no blemishes.
Cleansing is essential for everybody, for all skin types. As we know, there are different skin types, but all of them need to be clean always. Depending on your skin type, the cleansers vary. Cleansers are gentle on the skin in comparison to the regular soaps that we use. Soaps cause more damage to the skin than clean it. Cleansers are a better bet when it comes to cleaning one’s body or face.

When we talk about cleansing, people generally think of the face alone. It is not so, the body needs to be clean too. Using cleansers on the body removes the excess dirt and bad odors too. If the skin is not cleansed, bacteria form on the skin which leads to a lot of skin-related diseases.

To find out what kind of skin you have and which cleanser is best for you, test your skin. Wash your face and leave it dry for one hour. After one hour if it looks shiny and feels sticky, then you have an oily skin. If you find it flaky, then you have a dry skin. Some people have oil just on their nose and forehead, they have combination skin.

Soaps are not recommended for sensitive skins at all. Cleansers are also not to be frequently used for sensitive skins. Sensitive skins are those that have a burning sensation when any kind of chemical touches the skin including the cleansers. Water is usually the best cleanser for such skins or very mild cleansers are recommended.

Water is a natural cleanser, but then it doesn’t clean the grime and dirt that accumulates on the skin when one is out of the house for a long time. 

So cleansers are needed to clean the skin and the pores on the skin are essentially cleansed too. If the skin is already effected with bacteria related skin disease or has eczema or dermatitis, then water is the only cleanser to be used.

Dead cells form on our skin from time to time and these are to be removed. So you must first use a scrub, rinse it off; and then apply the cleanser, massage it gently into the skin and rinse it off thoroughly. For people with dry skin, after you cleanse your skin, moisture it well for the day.

‘Beauty is not skin deep’ is the latest motto and it truly is so. Cleansing the skin outside is not the only way; skin needs to be cleansed from the inside too. 

For that, proper food and drinking a lot of water is the prime necessity. Water is truly a cleanser from the inside too and hence you need to drink a lot of water to cleanse your body of its impurities as you cleanse the impurities on the outside with a proper cleanser.