Friday, June 1, 2012

A reminder from I'm Fabulous beauty expert

Avoid using hydrating mist that contains 

alcohol! That will only make your face drier!

Remove makeup remover!
The act of removing makeup should be completed within 3 minutes from start to finish. After removing makeup, it is important to finish the job with facial cleanser. The biggest mistake will be removing makeup, go about doing your normal chores, forgetting to wash your face afterwards. Leaving cleansing products on your face for long period of time will burden and clog your pores.
The golden 10 minutes
The 10 minutes after makeup removing and cleansing is the golden period for your skin to absorb moisture and nutrients effectively. All your skincare routine should be done within this timeframe to achieve soft and supple skin.

Stay hydrated in air-conditioning or heated room.Keep the temperature around 77°F (25°C) to avoid over-drying your skin.Use humidifier. If one is not available, leave a glass of water to increase the humidity of the room. Drink plenty of water to increase the moisture level in your body.
Using hydrating mist as much as necessary. Wait for 10-15 seconds after spraying. Use tissue paper to wipe away excess water to avoid the moisture in epidermis from vaporizing along with the excess water.


Healthy skin is within reach! Feed your skin water, skin problems will go away more easily. When skin is hydrated, its defense system will be boosted naturally.
Everyone loves smooth and supple skin. Skin's ability to retain water diminishes as we age. Many of us do not fully understand how to properly hydrate our skin. Regardless of how expensive your moisturizer is, if you've missed some of the small yet crucial steps, all your effort and money could go down the drain.

By Anais Lacerte, Medical License Esthetician and founder of I'm Fabulous® Skin Care